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Delayed Expungements

David Ogles
on 5/3/18, 12:50 AM 207 views

There are sometimes records that get expunged which should not be - leaving the only course of action to completely recreate the file. If there isn't a paper file to work from, this can be very time consuming. What I suggest as an enhancement is: When a record is deleted, the record could be flagged for deletion, but not completely removed from the system until after a set amount of time. There could be a scheduled job which runs to actually delete/expunge records which were flagged for deletion > set # of days (even better if the administrator can identify the # of days). This way, if a record was incorrectly flagged for deletion, an admin/support could easily re-activate it (as long as it is identified before the specific number of days has passed).

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Asked: 5/3/18, 12:50 AM
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